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BA Platinum is professional business building group within Biz Assembly consisting of a formal entrepreneur-network of successful entrepreneurs, startup experts, and savvy mentors that engage entrepreneurs to launch scalable, meaningful, enduring startups & technology companies, often from ideation or from the laboratory.


The skillsets of the BA Platinum founding team create a unique set of programs and strategies for quick assessment, engagement, IP protection, market identification and/or analysis. The extended network of subject experts, founders, mentors, and professionals provide an incredible stable of talent to surround founders with proven and structured strategies for success.


The goal of BA Platinum is to help entrepreneurs do what they love, build strong teams, brands, products, obtain funding when deserved and create successful companies that hire high-wage employees and partners. In turn, these entities create entrepreneurial ecosystems which enhance shareholder value, create more jobs and give back to the community which allows all stakeholders to spend more time with their families and loved ones

If you think your business or organization is ready for Biz Assembly Platinum, please contact us at

Business Meeting

Platinum Program 1

Counseling and


We analyze founders of scalable startups, their skillsets and correct  their deficiencies in their tech, strategy, management, biz model, engagement, funding, etc. The team engages using a vast database of experts, mentors and advisors.

Tech Solutions Illustration

Platinum Program 2

Tech Transfer and Commercialization

We review the technology and methodically assess to determine viability of both the inventor and the tech, (which are not mutually exclusive). We then determine product market fit. The team and extended network will nurture them to Beta or better yet, to market rollout.


Platinum Program 3

International company assimilation

International startups that do not necessarily need commercialization or incubation, need assimilation into US markets, acceleration/tweaking, of their model, partners, markets, and replication capabilities stratified. This program is in conjunction with The Governors Office of Economic Development (GOED).

Meet The Team


Matt Westfield

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 Rahul Harkawat

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Jaff Sheldon

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Rob Webster

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Dave Croadell

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Rafael Kartaszynski

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Alex Wolfe

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