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Practice Guerrilla Marketing: Use inexpensive yet highly effective tools to achieve success

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

With any start-up, we want to conserve that ever-precious commodity – cash. Guerrilla marketing tools and techniques represent a basket of highly effective marketing tools that do not require a large expenditure of cash. Here is an example of how guerrilla marketing can work:

A woman owned a florist shop. The slowest time of the year for sales was between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. She designed a very simple sign and posted it in the front window of her store. The sign read: “HOW MAD IS SHE?” Her sales for that period beat any prior record!

Here are some additional guerrilla marketing “weapons” you can use to boost your sales, brand and beat the competition:

· Your business cards – don’t leave home without them!

· Your elevator pitch – make it unique, compelling and believable... and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!

· Forums & seminars – can you become a speaker on a panel to gain exposure for your company? Can you be recognized as a thought or opinion leader in your respective industry?

· Blog – add one to your website containing information your customers need and refresh it periodically.

· Your e-mail signature – include your company name, slogan, etc. on every e-mail to remind your contacts and customers of who you are and what you do.

· SEO – use Search Engine Optimization to position your website prominently on search engines.

· Free demos, seminars or consultation – “Free” always catches the attention. Add value to your offering.

· Your employees and reps – they can create a great first impression just in how they answer the phone!

· Your social demeanor – be aware wherever you are. You may bump into a customer!

· Satisfied customers – get their testimonials on your website, brochures, etc. and keep them coming back!

· Gift certificates – Customers may purchase them for others... but many are never even redeemed. That’s pure profit!

· Your passion and enthusiasm – this sells! Let it shine!

Here are some inexpensive references (by authors Jay and Jeannie Levinson) to help you develop your guerilla marketing campaign (soft bound and available on Amazon):

ü Guerrilla Marketing

ü Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet

ü Guerrilla Marketing on Social Media


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