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THE UCSB TEST: Here’s a sanity check for your creative ideas and messaging.

THE UCSB TEST: Here’s a sanity check for your creative ideas and messaging.

First, the UCSB test has nothing to do with the California University system at Santa Barbara. The UCSB test is an easy to use, rule-of-thumb check on any particular project you may be working on – a company advertisement or press release, a sales presentation, investor pitch, elevator pitch or even an idea you have for a new business. Each letter in the acronym stands for the following:

U = UNIQUE. Is our idea, the copy we might be writing, or the sales presentation unique and different from everyone else? Particularly if we are trying to differentiate ourselves from a competitor, what is our unique competitive advantage?

C = COMPELLING. Is our idea or presentation overpowering and inspirational to the listener/recipient? Is it inspiring enough to grab and hold their attention and to interest the listener enough to start a conversation with you?

S = SUSTAINABLE. Is our strategy, business plan or sales presentation etc. sustainable into the future? If we are developing a product or service, what will be our next step to expand/grow the business?

B = BELIEVABLE. Are our messaging, strategy and other business plan components believable? Are our presentations credible and realistic?

This UCSB test is an easily applied, clearly understandable check on the utility and effectiveness of any project you may be working on. Use it to distinguish yourself, your company or your product/service from competitors who do not have the benefit of this easy, common sense tool.

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