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Entrepreneurs Assembly is now
Biz Assembly

As we transition to Biz Assembly, please bookmark our new website We know you might have some questions so let's get them answered!

1. Why did the name change?

Entrepreneur Magazine has a Trademark on the word "Entrepreneur" and so we were essentially forced to change our name or have to result in a legal battle. We chose not waste money on a legal battle.

2. Are the roundtables going away?

Absolutely not! Everything else is staying as is. As you can see we have a new website and a new way for you easily sign-up for the new Westfield Roundtable workshops!

3. Why are the roundtables now called the Westfield Roundtables™?

Two reasons. Our roundtable method of mentoring was pioneered by our founder Matt Westfield. We wanted to give him credit for this innovative mentoring approach. Secondly, we believe it's so innovative that we have trademarked it as well!

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